Arms Debate

Alan and Mo (aka Project Tandem) wrote to me last week wondering if I were to have an arm growing out of my chest, would I want it facing palm up or palm down. I actually spent a lot of time thinking about this. Here’s my break down:
Palm Up:
+ I get to eat with 3 hands. Burger, pizza, soda…at the same time! Can you think of anything more satisfying?
+ You know those really stubborn zits where you think “If I could just stab it with one more finger…”? Solved.
+ I could toss an apple into the air, while smoking a cigarette and pointing at hot chicks. I’d be the coolest guy in town.

Palm Down:
+ Faster typing (with more typos, obviously.)
+ Increased smothering abilities.
+ I may finally be able to defeat this girl.
+ Opens up so many new high five opportunities.

So, as you can see, palm down outweighs palm up. That’s my answer. It would be awesome either way. Does anybody know a good surgeon in the Seattle area?

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