Coffee Grinder

“Instagram is killing your blog!”
Ashlinn was right, I’ve gravitated towards sharing photos on Instagram rather than here. There used to be a time when I could take a picture and instantly determine if it was going on the blog or the ‘gram. Lately, most things have been going towards the latter. I’m not sure if it’s because I stopped taking blog worthy pictures or if the scopes have changed. Regardless, here are a few photos of the coffee grinder I rebuilt after dropping it on the floor and cracking the plastic housing.

The body is made from stacked plywood which was cut to approximately the same size with a hole in the center to accommodate the motor. The body was then laid on a belt sander to normalize the edges. I liked the look of it before, with each layer being slightly wider or narrower than the previous, but this gives it a much cleaner look. The only original parts are the motor, bowl and blade. The jar threads into a lid ring, which is press fit into the top layer of plywood.

Top view.

Beans in the bowl, pre-grind.

Beans in the jar, post-grind.

End result.

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