End of Year Wrap Up

Hey friends! I wanted to wish you all a wonderful New Year’s Eve-ning and also thank you for visiting this blog so much this year. I gained a lot of followers this year and I hope the trend continues. Last year I got a huge traffic spike due to thedailywh.at posting/linking to the Hatchet Key Hook post. This year, the same post made it to the front page of Reddit, which was pretty cool too. Maybe in 2012 I will find something new to bring the folks in.
I’ve certainly noticed that the last year of the blog has taken a very different direction than years past. Lots of pictures, especially food and bicycles. I hope you guys are cool with that, because it probably won’t stop anytime soon. Ashlinn says I need to write more, which I agree with, but it may not be strictly blog posts. I hope to be writing more in many ways, and I’ll be sure to share as much as I can with you all. I’ve even contemplated bringing back FrURLsday, but since leaving my M-F job, I rarely know what day it is until I realize there is a new XKCD comic.
Overall, expect to see more things that you would deem “Adam Belanger-y” and hopefully they will bring a smile to your face or strike fear into your heart. One or the other. Or neither. It could just end up being a bunch of bullshit.

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