New Project!

If you are one of the many people who birthday bombed me on Facebook, then you already know that today is my birthday. Today also marks the first day of a new, year long project. Starting today I will be logging and saving every cent that I find. Every penny on the ground, every quarter between the washer and the dryer, every rolled up dollar found outside my favorite coke den. Fuck, I’ll even count Canadian money. My goal is a modest, yet challenging, $10 in 365 days. Do the math, that averages out to roughly 2.7 cents a day. Considering it is probably just as easy to find a nickel or dime as it is to find a penny, I think I can accomplish this feat. It is even very plausible that I will find a whole dollar, achieving 10% of my total goal in one find!
What shall this project be called? I’m open to suggestions, but for now it is just referred to as Change Is Good. Please come up with a better name for it (puns are a plus.)
Below is the penny that christened this project. It’s quite beat up, but hopefully it will be the first of many!

2 thoughts on “New Project!”

  1. Please don’t fight the homeless lady at the corner for the penny on the ground. Good luck making your goal.

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