Have You Seen The Notebook?

Last weekend I made some notebooks out of reused paper that I scavenge from both work and home. It was a lot of paper, and like any self respecting DIYer, I brought it to Kinkos and they cut it in half for me. Give me a break, it would have taken an hour for me to do what they did in a minute and I would have only saved $2. Then I folded some file folders over an inch stack, trimmed them down to size to make the cover and clamped it all in a vice. I drilled three holes along one edge, then wound floss through each hole individually. A strip of gaff tape added a classy spine.

4 thoughts on “Have You Seen The Notebook?”

  1. You once said “The Notebook” was plan B. 🙂 If you’re looking to bind more, the book Cover to Cover is excellent. Its what we used in bookbinding classes in undergrad, and still my go-to reference. Floss can work really well as a thread, but make sure its waxed, and unflavored. Looks wonderful, friend!

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