Zombies of Seattle

When I heard about the Shaun of the Dead screening at the Fremont Outdoor Movies, I didn’t think it could get any better. Then when I heard that the organizers were also going to try to break the Guinness World Record for mass zombie walk, I was even more excited. Flash forward to last Friday (huh?) and you will witness me, gleefully perched on the pad of asphalt, taking in the sights; zombie cheerleaders, zombie pirates, even zombie babies. Night Zero was there, so was S.G. Brown. As soon as the “Thriller” dance started I thought to myself “boy, there’s no way I could look back on this evening and be dissappointed!” Then they fired up the projector, surprise, the image is totally out of focus. I mentioned it to someone at the projector and was assured “it’s focused all the way.” What on earth does that mean? Even after bringing one of them closer to the screen, they still failed to know what to do.
The funny part is that I instantly recognized the projector. My old friend the Canon LV-7575. And let me tell you, if you know my friend LV-7575, you know that his stock lens has a focus range of 3′ to 29′, anything closer or further is simply going to be out of acceptable focus! The projector had to have been double that distance from the screen. It definitely makes me think that the whole situation was poorly thought out. If you want your image to be a certain size, do some research to find out what projector and lens can accomplish it. I would certainly prefer having a smaller screen, as long as it was focused properly, especially while watching a movie with so many hilarious details as SOTD.
I hope this post made you feel absolutely awful, just so I can lift your spirits with the following photograph:
Hope you all had a good holiday weekend.

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