This is my attempt to share more with you, through the use of the Word This extension for Google Chrome. First of all, if you’re not using Google Chrome, I highly suggest you look in to using it. Tis a very nice, happy, simple web browser.

Secondly, the actual link I would like to share with you is for TARTINE BREAD. I received this book for Christmas from my sister. The first chapter is mostly about the background of the writer, Chad Robertson, and how he developed his recipe for the signature loaf that he is known for. Pages 40 through 87 are devoted to the very in depth recipe. 47 pages for a bread recipe that uses three ingredients? Yup, like I said, it’s very in depth. Not only does the writer explain damn near everything there is to know about this bread, he also expands the chapter with a few tweaks on the recipe from his test bakers, showing how the recipe can be modified for nearly any kitchen.

The rest of the book has recipes that build off that basic loaf. Baguettes, beignets, brioche and some even things that don’t start with b. There is even a whole section devoted to things you can make with day old bread. These range from simple croutons to the more advanced Le Tourin, which requires frying onions in rendered duck fat (fun times!)

So far, this is all very much over my head. Hopefully by next Christmas I will have at least enough of an understanding to get a few loaves onto the table.

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