Domains You Can Buy For Me

Everybody comes up with a great website idea once in a while. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the following websites will not come to fruition by my hands alone, so I share them with you. – This would be my oh-so web 2.0 site of user contributed material mostly related to me in someway. Feel free to post photos of me eating your hamburger, reading a classy book or leading a pack of rats into the lake with my fine musical skills. You can post video of me wrestling that duck that got loose in the grocery store*, or me jumping off rocks into a pond or river. Don’t worry, there will be some sort of API so you can costumize stuff.

*Contrary to popular belief, I didn’t release that duck just so I could look like a hero in front of the hot produce lady. – This would be my food site. I will discuss all food I cook that requires milk, and how much better it is because I used whole milk instead of skim milk. – This is probably my most realistic idea. Think Failblog for grammar assholes. Folks submit pictures of signs, posters and other public displays with a spelling error. Sometimes it’s obvious, other times you may have to search for it. The best part would be the little dual purpose stickers that you could put on the sign that simultaneously advertises the site and alerts the sign owner that he or she is an idiot.

Any other suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Domains You Can Buy For Me”

  1. your #1 destination for trading blurry photos of your mom’s cats. Create a profile, upload and share photos, videos, and more! They are, right?!

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