Prank I’d Love to See

So a guy walks into a fancy restaurant and says to the maître de that his girlfriend will be joining him for dinner and that he will be proposing to her. He wants the maître de to send the musicians over as he does it, to really pump up the romance. The maître de is glad to help.
The guy takes his seat and waits for his soon-to-be fiancé. She shows up and the maître de escorts her to the table. Sure enough, the guy takes a knee, gaining the attention of the whole restaurant, and pops the question. She’s shocked and overjoyed and of course says yes, envoking a riotous applause from other diners.
They happily finish their dinner and leave the restaurant.
The twist is that the girlfriend is very clearly a man wearing a dress. A man with stubble, an Adam’s apple and hands that could choke an alligator.
That’s all I want to see. Can anybody work on this for me? Thanks.

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