Cig Harvey / Anita Shreve Photo Shoot

The following are a few stills from a shoot I did with Cig Harvey back in Rockport. I was the gaffer’s assistant, which was basically the best boy electric, since I was also the equipment rental house too. Working on a photo set is similar to a film shoot, but seemed to be a lot less rushed. Maybe it was because we were all such good friends and have worked together before. Also, you can get away with a lot more hollywooding of gear. I would often find myself crouched down holding a Flexfill or some bead board. These shots are from three of the 5 day shoots that we did. The other locations included a snowy gate, the front and back lawns of the Camden Public Library and the upstairs bedroom in Doug and Cig’s house.

The images and descriptions can also be seen and read on my Flickr photostream.

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