I’m f-in’ dying here guys. On one hand, old man Obama is out there telling me to spend my money. That makes sense. If everybody follows his advice, we enhance consumption of goods, and that makes retailers and manufacturers happy and we get all of our jobs back! Unemployment drops to 0%! Woohoo!
But on the other hand, my deep seeded Maine roots are continuing to scream “DON’T BUY!” crazier than Cramer. Anybody that knows me well, knows that I am the ultimate cheapskate. Oddly, I’m the exact opposite of what retailers were facing this past holiday season. People were buying just as much stuff, just as frequently, only they were buying the cheapest options available. I prefer to put off a sizable purchase for as long as it takes to save up for the higher quality option. I think most of this specifically stems from my preperation for bike trip last year.
I’ve been trying though, but maybe my efforts haven’t been very successful.
Good news: I bought new cookware!
Bad news: It’s cast iron and I’m not buying anymore within the next 50 years.
Good news: I bought a $3000 couch!
Bad news: I bought it at Goodwill for $20!
Good news: I bought a jet ski!
Bad news: Wired magazine told me I don’t need a jet ski to fix the economy. Bummer, nevermind.