Back to Back Buddy Promo Posts!

Some friends of mine are doing a livestream Q&A at 8:30 pm this evening (eastern time, of course) to promote the release of the first episode of No Refund for Content. Check out the trailer below and watch the Ustream here.

Follow No Refund for Content as it progresses on the Facebook page, their Twitter and the website, where you can find a little button that says “Donate.” I wonder what that does? Somebody should do some investigating.

Episode 1 is live and can be viewed below!

Damnationland 2012

This is the first year that I have helped out on a shoot for Damnationland, a showcase of horror films by Maine filmmakers. I only worked on one, but it was a blast, even of it was cold and wet and the location was far away and in the end I may have only bounced light for one or two shots. The premiere is happening right here in Portland on October 19th. You can learn more about it on the Facebook page, or if you’re already won over, buy tickets here. If you can’t make it on the 19th or if you’re not in Portland, don’t fret. Damnationland will be making stops in Brunswick, Lewiston, and Bridgton, plus New York, Los Angeles, and Athens, Ohio. Previous excuses have been rendered invalid.
Want to know more about how cool Damnationland is? Link city:
Damnationland Website
Damnationland Facebook
Damnationland Twitter

Sara Hallie Richardson – What Would It Be Like Video

Earlier this summer, and even earlier this winter, I lent a hand to Jeff Grieci of Mint Films on a music video for Maine musician Sara Hallie Richardson. To be honest, I didn’t do much more than bounce a bit of light during the exterior scenes, but it was a load of fun. The winter scenes were shot the morning after a storm that dropped 18″ of snow. It was pretty fun to climb that hill with gear! The beach scene was shot right before Backgammon production began on a beautiful day in Cape Elizabeth. The video is now live and can be viewed below.

Tuber Time

Late last summer I joined a few old friends and new friends in rural Vermont to shoot the first two episodes of a web series called Tuberville. The first episode just went live yesterday, so be sure to check it out here. The whole purpose of the series is to raise awareness for the Tuberville organization, which works with farmers to feed the hungry in their own communities.

Photo Credit: Brent Harrewyn

Helmet Cam!

Alan and Mo, collectively known as Restless Collective, share some of their helmet cam footage from their global bicycle tour project, The Geography of Youth.

These guys really know how to turn my jealous knob up a notch.