Star Wars Easter Special

I was in Boston during Easter, so it wasn’t until two days ago that I received my Easter basket from Ashlinn. It was filled with delicious chocolates, jelly beans, maple candies and Star Wars pewter figurines, all on a bed of real moss.
It all had a very “Dagobah” feel to it.
Obi-Wan, checking out Luke’s lightsaber moves.
Darth Vader, lording over his dark chocolate empire.

Portland Graffiti

Three and a half years ago I posted photos of graffiti in Portland Oregon. Now I get to post some from Portland Maine. The first two are video game related, which is awesome. The third one is hilarious and makes me laugh every time I pass it on the bike trail and the fourth one is just incredibly well done and very eye catching.

Tuber Time

Late last summer I joined a few old friends and new friends in rural Vermont to shoot the first two episodes of a web series called Tuberville. The first episode just went live yesterday, so be sure to check it out here. The whole purpose of the series is to raise awareness for the Tuberville organization, which works with farmers to feed the hungry in their own communities.

Photo Credit: Brent Harrewyn

Foraged Funds 2012

I’ve started foraging again! If you aren’t aware of what Foraged Funds is, it’s a running tally of money (usually coins) that I find (usually in the streets or sidewalks.) Last time I had a separate page just for tracking what I’ve found, this time I’m sticking to Twitter. You can see the tweets embedded to the right of this post, unless of course you’re reading this in an RSS reader. If that’s the case, feel free to follow @foragedfunds. As often as possible, tweets will be geotagged, maybe even with a picture, if it’s an especially ugly coin.
Currently I do not have an intended goal to reach. I’d be excited if I reached $10 again, but I bet I can go higher this year.

Hufnagel Cycles: Porteur/City Bike just posted about Jordan Hufnagel’s recently divulged project. A pair of beautiful porteur bikes with many custom created parts. Take a minute to look through his Flickr set and marvel at his creativity. Not to spoil the set, but here are a few of my favorite details:
 Beautiful brass minimalist headbadge.
 So much more polite than “heygetoutofmyway!”
 Dynamo hub.
 Internal cable routing for the rear brake, a Son Edulux headlight to match the hub with wiring run through the front rack and a little support arm in the center of the front rack to keep the fender steady.
 Not only is that a beautiful seat cluster, but check out the custom taillight!

Maine Cyclist Shirt!

I’m spending a few days on North Haven, hanging out with friends, starting fires, going surprise swimming and screen printing shirts at Fox I Printworks.