I had to pick up a rental truck today. I took advantage of the nice weather and road my bike to the rental company. This helped a lot because I didn’t have to worry about leaving the car behind and picking it up later.


I have a moment to myself between productions and decided it was time to finally complete Special world in my favorite Super Mario game ever. Never before had I been able to make it past Tubular.

Tuber Field

20′ of dolly track in a snowy potato field is a good way to start the day. It’s hard to see it, but those are wedges hammered into the snow to be used as marks. Despite muddy/icy roads and plenty of car troubles, everyone is working very well.


This pretty much sums up everything I wanted through elementary school.
I’m heading to VT tomorrow to work on episodes three and four of Tuberville. I’ll be sure to share a few set pictures while I’m there.