Strongest Man Unalive

There’s a lot of zombie talk lately, specifically the Austin zombie sign scandal, and the Sundance accepted Dead Snow. The funny thing is that these two stories are in direct opposition of each other. Dead Snow takes place in a winter climate, with Nazi zombies attacking a group of vacationers. If you’re up to date on your zombie knowledge, you’ll know that this is completely unfeasible. Since zombies are literally the walking dead, they have no body heat. They would actually freeze and stay that way in the winter climate of the film. That’s where the Austin “hackers” got it right. “Run for cold climates” was one of the messages displayed on the sign. (Of course everyone knows you can’t just run for a herd of zombies.)
One question has been nagging at me lately though. Are all zombies equal in strength? Technically the flesh and muscle on a zombies bones are not crucial to it’s mobility or function, so does it hold no merit to it’s strength? If not, than would that mean every zombie was just as strong as it’s undead brothers and sisters? Perhaps, but I have a feeling this is not what civil rights leaders had hoped for.

Austin sign link courtesy of Mat-Thorne.